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4 Elements Ice Cave Summer Tour ECO TOUR

From USD 365

Ice Caving – Lava Caving – Geothermal Bathing.

Price from 365,-USD

Bring your swimsuit, camera, and get ready to be overwhelmed – we are going on an adventure that will take your breath away! On this tour. we will explore Iceland inside out. Underground through lava tunnels, inside the glacier and into the geothermal water.

This tour is not just a journey to the center of the Earth, it is also a spiritual journey back to nature, back to the beginning…

A tour for the adventurous traveler, who wants to go off the beaten path and become one with the elements.


From USD 365

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The Secret Tour

As everybody seems to be copying our tours this is all we can tell you: We will go from Reykjavik to the best ice cave on the day, and explore the area and elements around it. We are currently monitoring all glaciers that are reachable in one day from Reykjavik.

Lava Caving
We will go underground into the Earth via ancient lava tunnels drilled by different volcanic eruptions to discover a magical world, underneath the rugged lava field. We will spend around 1/2 hr in the cave.

Ice caving
We will go into the glacier, into the pure ice that has been there for hundreds of years. You will see a million shades of blue, grey and white, as well as layers of ash from volcanic eruptions, trapped in the ice. We have several ice caves in secret locations (please help us keeping them secret). We promise you it will be the best and most beautiful cave we can find on the day! 

We will bathe in pure, warm, geothermal water. Either in the wilderness or in a local pool in the countryside. Outdoor bathing is one of the best things about living in Iceland!

And more…

We will, of course, make a lot of random stops at interesting places that will make your soul and camera smile!

Ssssssh don’t tell

We were the first company to take people from Reykjavik to the ice caves in Vatnajokull Glacier, and by that, we almost created a monster.

Everybody started copying us and now the caves are as busy as Central Station. So from now on we will keep our ice cave locations secret to give our guests the best experience possible.

Our team of ice cave guides are monitoring the glaciers all year round and finding new ice caves every month. Glaciers are alive and move with the weather and global warming, so the ice caves can change shape and size daily. So our team is always on the look for new ice caves and other glacier formations to show our guests.

Expect the summer caves to be smaller and less blue, but still a great experience!

Is it safe?

No. Ice caving, hiking, climbing or even skiing is never 100% safe. Safety always comes first on our tours! We have all the gear and experience to make the area safe before entering Ice caves.

All our guides are professionally trained and grew up with Icelandic nature around them. They are used to listening to nature and know how it moves. So always listen to their advice and safety instructions. They will, of course, provide you with all safety equipment too.

The tour departs early in the morning from Reykjavik, departure time all depends on the location of the Ice cave and daylight. In booking confirmation documents, you will get all the details, it can be from 06:00 to 08:00 in the morning on a good day.

Departure: From June 15th until October 1st. 

Departure days: Every Day

Duration: 12 – 14 hrs


Adult (18 yrs. and older) – 365,- USD

Youth (10-17 yrs.) – 295,- USD

Minimum age: 10 years

Group size: Min 4 / Max 14 in 4×4 vehicle

Language: English

Pick up: From the Viking statue in front of Hallgrim’s Church at 6:45-7:00 in the morning. This location is central to most hotels and guesthouses.
Tour type: Lava caving, ice caving and bathing for the adventurous and open-minded traveler.

Highlights of the Tour: Lava caving, ice caving and exploring the elements of the Earth up close and personal.

What’s included: Transport in a 4×4 vehicle, guide, ice caving. All safety equipment for ice caving.

Not included: Lunch is not included – please bring food for the day.

Hiking-level: Easy to moderate.

Special note: Please keep our secret spots secret. Please avoid geotagging on social media.

What to wear: We are in the arctic and weather can change without notice. So come prepared. Bring good hiking boots/shoes and windproof/rainproof outer layer, light and warm inner layer, such as wool, fleece or thermal.

What to bring:
Hiking boots
Bathing suit + towel
Water + snacks
Big smiles – you’ll be an active part of the tour and conversation.

Note: For this tour to be confirmed, the minimum number of passengers has to be met. If the tour is not confirmed you will get a full refund.



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