3 Day Ice Cave & Glacier Lagoon & Golden Circle Tour

From USD 945

It may be the darkest time of the year, but also the most magical.


This tour is for everyone who wants to experience, see, feel and taste the real Iceland in 3 days. We’ve been fine-tuning this tour for 3 years to make this a once in a lifetime experience for our guests. 


This adventure is not just a journey to the absolute best Iceland has to offer in winter; but also an opportunity to explore our planet and powerful forces of nature. You will see hot steaming geysers, breath-taking waterfalls, endless lava fields, hear the ancient song of the glacier, touch the blue ice, feel the arctic wind on your face, and dance with the northern lights. You will be traveling in a small group, making new friends, enjoying good food, and relaxing in a Nordic atmosphere.

We promise that you will return home with your camera and memory loaded with beautiful scenery that will stay with you for a long, long time…


Departure: November – April


Departure days: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays


Duration: 3 days, 2 nights.


Adults: 945,- USD in private DBL
Please note that booking can only be done in even numbered groups. If you are a single traveler or part of an odd-numbered group contact us directly goecco@goecco.com


Minimum age:
13 years. If you travel with children under 13 years, please contact us directly for other options goecco@goecco.com


Tour type: For anyone who wants to see best of Iceland in one wonderful winter tour.


Group size: Min 6 guests, Max 16 guests.


Language: English


What’s included:
Glacier hiking, 4x4 ice cave tour, lava caving or canyon exploring, Jökulsarlon/Glacier Lagoon, Reynisfjara Beach, Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss, South Shore, Golden Circle, Northern Lights, accommodation, and breakfast. 


Highlights of the Tour: Ice caving, glacier hiking, northern lights.


Accommodation: Guesthouse in “The Middle of Nowhere” 


Pick up: We meet at the Goecco office in Reykjavik, on Bankastræti 10. Meeting time is at 8:45 AM, and departure is at 9:00 AM. The enterance is on the left side of the building, across the street from Prikið.


Walking per day: 1-3 hours total – often on the icy or uneven ground. The Glacier hiking requires flexibility and reasonable fitness level, although it will be at beginners level, it can still be tough. This tour is not for people with weak knees, backs or other injuries…


Included: Guide for 3 days, vehicle transportation for 3 days, accommodation and 2 x breakfast. All glacier safety equipment: helmet, crampons, ice spikes, ice ax.


Not included: Lunch is not included.


What to wear: We are in the Arctic and the weather can be windy and brutal in the winter. Therefore it is very important to dress well. Bring good hiking boots and warm socks, windproof and rainproof outer layer, light and warm inner layer, such as wool, fleece or thermal. Also, remember a scarf and gloves. NO trainers, NO city boots.


What to bring:
Clothing for 3 days
Hiking boots
Water + snacks
Camera and tripod.
Big smiles – you’ll be an active part of the tour and conversation.

Hiking boots – light hiking boots with waterproofing and ankle support are preferred.    Long and short sleeve thermal underwear – Wool or synthetic. 

Rain Jacket with a good hood– Preferably waterproof and breathable material.
Rain trousers – Waterproof and breathable material.
Gloves – Wool or synthetic.
Socks – two to three pairs of hiking socks – Wool or synthetic.
Warm hat – Wool or synthetic.
Water bottle
Casual clothes/change of clothes.
Prescription medication and other personal health items.
Toiletries; Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo etc.
Camera, spare batteries, and a memory card or films.
Aperitif, 1 glass of white and red wine is included in the Viking dinner package, you can still bring or other heart-warming spirits.


Other gear: Backpack for clothes and items used during the day. Size: 20-30 litres.
Sunglasses and sun protection.


Note: For this tour to be confirmed, the minimum number of passengers has to be met. If the tour is not confirmed you will get a full refund.

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From USD 945

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DAY 1 – Golden Circle

Our first stop is the famous and beautiful Thingvellir National Park and UNESCO Heritage site. The scenery here is amazing no matter the weather!  We’ll get a close look at how the tectonic plates work as we follow the footsteps of Game of Thrones into the rift valley between the North American and the Eurasian plate. Thingvellir is also where the first settlers of Iceland founded the world’s oldest parliament Althingi in the year 930. So this place has a special meaning to all Icelanders.

Next stop is Iceland’s most beautiful and breath-taking waterfall: Gullfoss carved out of the lava fields. It’s the largest fall in Europe and some of our guests even say that it’s more amazing than the Niagara falls! Judge for yourself whilst you enjoy the midst of glacial water on your face.

Then we continue to the geysers area with the Geysir after which all other geysers are named. Here we’ll see the lively geyser Strokkur erupt every 5-10 minutes reaching a height of up to 30 meters. And we’ll also have a look at the other geothermal features around it: mud pools, fumaroles, algal deposits, and other mini-geysers. It’s a unique place to see and hear how Mother Earth is alive!

Relax at Goecco Guest House

When you tour with us accommodation is also part of the experience. This year we have created a new experience for our guests that you will not get on any other overnight ice-cave tour. 

We will take you far, far away from other tourists to a little house by a river in the middle of an ancient lava field. You will be surrounded by Icelandic art from some of the finest artist; you will listen to atmospheric Icelandic music; relax in a true Nordic atmosphere. There will be just us and the stars and the northern lights…  Outside you will find a soothing hot tub perfect for stargazing and northern lights spotting.

We have 8 double rooms with private WC decorated with art and soft wool blankets and bathrobes and slippers for your comfort. 

Northern Lights

Every evening we’ll explore the cold winter night and if the conditions are good we will watch out for the Northern Lights, which are often seen right above the guesthouse.  As there is no light pollution in the area you can get stunning photographs here. 

Then it’s time to rest before the next day of glacier and ice caving adventure.

Day 2 – Ice caving and glacier hiking 

We rise and shine early to enjoy the breakfast and a morning brief. Then we hit the road, ready for a day full of adventure. Today we’ll explore the mysterious and stunning Vatnajökull glacier inside out! Europe’s largest glacier – with its gigantic blocks of ice, layers of volcanic dust capsule within the ice and its breathtaking blue ice caves of Skaftafell National Park. And of course the famous Jökulsarlon – also known as the Glacier Lagoon with its ever changing icebergs and seals playing in the cold water.

Ice Caving

Our 4×4 truck will work hard through the lunar landscape and chew its way through rocks, ice, and snow to get us there. This is where it will make sense to you why we don’t recommend self-driving in Iceland! 
Depending on the conditions on the day and how far we can drive we will do a short hike up to the ice cave. All our guides are specially trained so listen carefully to their safety instructions and always wear your helmet.

Once you enter the ice cave you’ll see that it’s simply a once in a lifetime experience in one of the wonders of the world. It’s like standing under a frozen blue ocean or in a frozen cathedral with tones of white, blue. 

The ice caves are natural structures come and go with the seasons. They are being born in the Summer from the massive pressure of glacial melt-water and can only be accessed in the winter when they empty. That is why the caves are never the same. The first famous cave we found, also known as The Crystal Ice Cave in Skaftafell National Park collapsed years ago. Our ice cave guides find new ice caves in Vatnajökull Glacier and other glaciers each season.

Glacier Lagoon

We also stop the famous Jökulsarlon – also known as the Glacier Lagoon and a famous film location for Hollywood movies fx James Bond (Die Another Day and A View to Kill). Here you see the ever changing icebergs in white and blue in the ice cold lagoon – on most days we see seals and birds playing in the water. We will also go to the glacier beach, which we think is actually cooler than the lagoon. Here you can touch the ancient icebergs and shoot amazing up-close photographs. And if you bring whiskey we have ice!

Please note that sailing at the lagoon is not included in the tour and is only possible till the lagoon freezes over.

Set foot on the largest glacier in Europe
We’ll put on our ice spikes, helmets and grab an ax to do a short glacier walk, which is a mind-blowing experience. You’ll really feel the forces of nature when you walk on the ancient ice, look into deep crevasses, and listen to the sounds of the glacier.

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones you will like this part of the tour, as this part of the glacier was used in the HBO TV-show Game of Thrones. You will now find yourself beyond the Wall with White Walkers and Wildlings lurking around…

We do an easy hike that everyone can take part in just to get a feel of the glacier. Again listen to the guide, listen to nature and listen carefully to the safety instructions.

Day 3 – South Shore Expedition

Then it is time to head back to Reykjavik along the brutal South Shore via the town of Vik. Today you will see black beaches, basalt columns, huge waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, Icelandic horses and colorful, rough scenery.

Before Vík, we cross the black desert of Skeidarasandur, and then Laki Lava Field – the biggest one on the planet. You’ll see what it’s like to live in a country with 200 earthquakes a day, 150 active volcanoes and clear signs of climate change.

Next stop is the most stunning and powerful black pebble beach in Iceland: Reynisfjara Beach with its basalt formations and columns. Beware that the waves at Reynisfjara are strong and unpredictable and have caused death several times, so it is vital to listen to the guide’s instructions about keeping a distance to the sea and not climb on the rocks.

After a short drive, we arrive at the beautiful Skogafoss Waterfall – famous for its magic rainbows! Your camera will love it!  

And we have more waterfalls for you: Seljalandsfoss Waterfall and the “secret elf waterfall” inside the cliffs, which is like taken out of a fairy tale and truly magical.

And then we just have a short ride left before we  are back in civilization also known as Reykjavik, but 3 days of adventure richer…


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