Thorsmörk - Valley Of Thor

From USD 295

Welcome to another planet! Surrounded by steep mountains and glaciers we will splash through rivers and streams, pass mysterious caves, giant boulders and go through lunar-like landscapes.
This adventure takes you seriously off-road and into the wilderness of Iceland. A non-touristy a tour for those who want an adventure off the beaten path to experience the powerful forces of Icelandic nature.
Departures 2018: From 1st of November 2017 to 1st of June 2018


Departure Days: Wednesdays, Fridays


Pick up: We depart from the Goecco Main office in Bankastræti 10 at 08:30 in the morning.


Duration: 10 hrs. Est. arrival time in Reykjavik is 19:00.


Price: Adult (18 Yrs. and older) 295,- USD. Youth (5 -17 Yrs.) 195,- USD


Minimum age: 5 years


Group size: Min 4 / Max 14


Note: For this tour to be confirmed, the minimum number of passengers has to be met. If the tour is not confirmed you will of course get a full refund.

Language: English


Not included: Any meals – bring food and snacks for the day. You can refill your water bottle in the rivers/streams on the way.


Highlights of the Tour:  


Lunar-like scenery

Hiking-level: Easy to moderate on uneven ground.

Stops (depending on the moody Arctic weather):

Hike to Gígjökull Glacier

Lunch in Básar, optional to hike up to the troll, depending on weather

Hike into Stakkholtsgjá

Gljúfrabúi Waterfall

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall


What to wear: We are in the Arctic and the weather can be windy and brutal in the winter. Therefore it is very important to dress well. Bring good hiking boots/winter boots and warm socks, windproof and rainproof outer layer, light and warm inner layer, such as wool, fleece or thermal. Also, remember a scarf and gloves. NO trainers, NO city boots.


Is this a tour for you? : This tour is for those who want to go off the beaten path. It is a chance to see the unique, rugged and surreal Iceland without having to do the difficult driving through rivers and rough, tricky terrain.


Friendly note: We expect you to be an active part of the tour. Join the conversation. Speak up. Ask questions. Share your thoughts. Make new friends. And most of all remember to enjoy the moment.



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From USD 295

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Valley of Thor


As we drive off the asphalt road onto the bumpy gravel road we head into another world.

Thorsmork is known as the Valley of the Norse Thunder God: Thor. Known for its beauty and magic scenery. This is where the Icelanders will go to take a break from the real world and connect with some of the most beautiful nature Iceland has to offer. Thorsmork also offers two of the most popular trails in Iceland, the Fimmvörðuháls, and the Laugavegur trail. 


Eyjafjallajokull aftermath


With views of the three glaciers; Eyjafjallajokull, Myrdalsjokull, and Tindfjallajokull, we cross numerous rivers and streams through a landscape still being shaped by the immense natural forces of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. We drive along Krossá River and straight into the aftermath of the famous Eyjafjallajokull Volcanic eruption that stopped all air traffic in 2010. You will see enormous flood planes and volcanic rocks and black ash scattered everywhere. The powers of nature are visible and very strong here.


Gigjokull Glacier


You will also see what is left of Gigjokull Glacier, which is an outlet of the Eyjafjallajokull Glacier that covers the volcano. Here we stop at the remains of a glacial lagoon below the glacier of Gigjokull. The immense fast flowing flood, caused by the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in April 2010 that destroyed the lagoon and left a blackened area.

We will hike through this stunning scenery and up to the edge of the glacier, which crawls down from the summit of the volcano.


Stakkholtsgjá Canyon


After a casual picnic stop, it is time for a short hike into Stakkholtsgjá Canyon – another natural wonder that plays with your mind and imagination. Because of the formation of the canyon, it’s deathly quiet and peaceful. It will surely awaken your inner child and ability to see trolls, elves, and creatures from other dimensions hiding in the caves, and deep and narrow ravines around you.


If you are a Game of Thrones fan (season 7 episode 6: “Beyond the Wall”) you will also recognize this, as the place John Snow and his “suicide squad” ambushed a “wight”, which suddenly becomes very real when you are standing there. This may make you want to hurry back to the jeep!

Then it is time to leave this other planet and slowly head back to civilization. Driving back through the valley, plowing through fields of snow and crossing icy rivers, you will see why you need a super jeep and a very experienced driver to do this tour!


Gljufrabui Waterfall


Back on the asphalt road, we will stop by the waterfall of the Hidden People inside the mountain, which is absolutely magical and fairytale like.

This is a place you will get wet, so bring a raincoat and extra socks and shoes as a backup!


Sejlalandsfoss Waterfall


Shortly after we will reach one of the most famous and majestic waterfalls in Iceland: Seljalandsfoss – 63 meters tall. When the conditions are right we can hike behind it.

After this injection of Pura nature, we start heading back to Reykjavik with our minds full of memories for life.


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